Starting 15 May 2024, AWA’s branches will now open at 10am every Wednesday as we prepare for the transition from AWA to Beyond Bank. This adjustment allows our staff to undergo essential training, ensuring continued excellence in service for our members. Thankyou for your understanding during this transition period.

As a social enterprise using profit for purpose, our philanthropic partners create long term sustainable change for those suffering the effects of disadvantage in our community. 

AWA has achieved the following in shared value initiatives…

Give Where You Live Foundation

Give Where You Live Foundation is a long standing Geelong philanthropic organisation that brings together individual community donors, corporate supporters and service delivery partners in the G21 region. The Give Where You Live Foundation's Community Connections Grants program, with support from AWA, provides grants of up to $10,000 to support community organisations to build resilience for vulnerable community members. Grants focus on reducing social isolation of vulnerable community members and supports social participation of vulnerable community members.


PEACH (Personnel Employed At Alcoa Charity Help) in Mandurah WA supports organisations which provide human and healthcare services to communities in which Alcoa employees and their families live and work. Funds are allocated to ensure maximum benefit can be achieved, with a preference for supporting capital equipment purchases.

United Way Glenelg

Based in Portland, Victoria, United Way works with its many partners, grants programs, combined with their own initiatives, to continually looks for the most effective way to improve the lives of people living in the Glenelg Shire community. The idea that a United Way would work in the Glenelg Region came through the employees of Portland Aluminium. Since its conception, over $1,000,000 has been distributed to the local community.

Geelong Connected Communities

Financial contributions from an ever-growing group of local businesses and organisations allow Geelong Connected Communities to coordinate and administer a 24/7 grants program supporting organisations throughout the Geelong region with resources to deliver better services, support and experiences for the people of Geelong.

When it comes to supporting local community, we punch above our weight.

Imagine the possibilities if every bank acted this way.

Bank with us and help create a better future.

AWA Alliance Bank